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Forming a Chapter of the
Back Country Horsemen of Colorado

The Back Country Horsemen of Colorado (BCHCO) is comprised of all local Chapters within the State of Colorado. A local chapter may be organized by any group interested in supporting the philosophy and purpose of the Back Country Horsemen of America. The chapter must become part of BCHCO.

Forming a BCH organization is not difficult; however, there are a number of requirements. First, those interested in creating an organization must subscribe to the Objectives and Purposes of the Back Country Horsemen of America as outlined in the Organization Handbook. Those purposes do not preclude other interests, but a saddle club that may take an occasional trail ride is not a BCHA organization.

For more information on forming a local Colorado chapter download and read the BCHA Organizational Handbook. This handbook provides a step by step process for forming a new BCH organization as well as our history, mission objectives and purposes.

Requirement Guidlines

  1. Develop a governing set bylaws which include the five "purposes" of BCH must be a part of your constitution. Chapter bylaws must include:
    1. A mission statement that incorporates the mission of BCHCO; and
    2. A statement of affiliation with BCHCO; and
    3. A statement adopting the BCHCO bylaws
  2. The chapter name must include the term "Back Country Horsemen". The use of the term "Association" as part of a chapter name IS NOT PERMITTED OR ACCEPTABLE as an appropriate name for a chapter organization of the BCHA.
  3. There should be a minimum of 15 dues paying members to form a chapter.
  4. Select officers to the leadership positions in the bylaws.
  5. The chapter is accepted by the BCHCO Board of Directors.
  6. The chapter provides representation to BCHCO Board of Directors.

BCH brings together people with like interests, allows for group participation in many functions and provides the vehicle to work towards common goals in a constructive manner.

Contact us for assistance in forming a chapter in your area.

Colorado BCH
Tif Rodriguez, Chairman
P. O. Box 812
Cortez, CO 81321

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